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Alpha and Omega – Epidemics and Answers

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When it comes to human relationships, we often hear that “opposites attract”. However, the terms ‘beginning and end’ may not always complement each other in circumstances that start well and finish badly – or vice versa. Yet in the Bible, the God of all creation refers to His very self as both the ‘Alpha and Omega’ (Greek for ‘Beginning and End’). Though He is infinite, the Maker of Heaven and Earth initiated all things – and will ultimately determine when they cease to exist. We cannot control many life events, but in a firm relationship with the Lover of our souls, believers are promised the ability to overcome all potential trials. Once we are set free from the most prevalent ‘epidemic’ known to humanity – the bondage of SIN – our eternal well-being is secured. This leaves us to optimize the balance of our years in these temporary bodies while walking in His ways.
How is it that in recent decades, the health of westerners has significantly declined, even with our dramatically increased access to medical care? Ironically, we now have so-called ‘alpha’ epidemics such as ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, allergies, arthritis, asthma, and ALS. Osteopathic physicians – who study preventative and curative medicine – have discovered that these disorders all seem to share a common link: impaired body processes from system toxicity. The primary culprits may not be merely diet-related, but also could involve excessive medical interventions like vaccines, antibiotics, x-ray radiation, fluoridated water, and even dental amalgams. Since most medical research into remedies is funded by pharmaceutical companies (who coincidentally have a lucrative interest in the proliferation of ailments), only the non-industry sources can be fully trusted to bring an ‘omega’ to the misery people endure. The real answers for reversing these disorders cannot be found in further debilitating prescription drugs, but in detoxification and lifestyle changes to completely eliminate root causes and prevent future manifestations.
Of course, we all have received from our parents some genetic tendencies toward certain deficient characteristics in our body make-up. However, once these are identified, and the co-factors (usually particular nutrients and highly concentrated herbals) are applied to our diet and supplement regimen, it is possible to shore-up and even restore any predisposed organ or tissue. Our God has truly designed us to be fully functioning for over a century of life in this world. In light of this, we simply must determine to practice ultimate nutrition – including supplements of detoxifying ALPHA lipoic acid or those often depleted OMEGA 3s. Immeasurable benefits are guaranteed when we maximize our divinely granted potentials through health enhancement for the long haul of this precious temporal life!

Quick Quote: “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” – Revelation 1:8
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Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

One thought on “Alpha and Omega – Epidemics and Answers

  1. Personal side-note: Through research and lab tests concerning my youngest child’s severe immune and behavior issues, I came to realize that all seven of us actually had toxicities to overcome. Amazing how God knew it would take a severe case among us for the discovery of remedies which would bring my entire family into much improved health!


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