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How Fear undermines Faith

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That sweet and sour time of year has finally come and gone –as children delighted in the sugary treats – but trembled at the spooky scenes throughout the town.   It is the particular season when God’s beautifully painted landscapes are marred by streaks of cultural darkness.  This occurrence really should not confound us, however, given that the concept of autumn is the beginning of death for much of nature. Even so, only our amazing Creator would originate the idea of splashing foliage with glorious color in the midst of the dying process.   Believers in Him will not despair at this time of year, of course, knowing in advance of our Lord’s seasonal miracles in continually reproducing such marvelous creations repeatedly through the years.

So what then of this particular month on the calendar – with its obsession – and even celebration of death, fear, and things of the night?   Should responsible parents condone its underlying intent of promoting ‘fear’ in their children – leading to nightmares and unnecessary anxieties?  The answer must be obvious to people of ‘faith’, given that these two terms are entirely opposite concepts.  Sadly though, feeling frightful – even seeking opportunities to become so – is a flawed human tendency.   Trusting in God’s protection and preferring what is “pure and lovely” over all that is “crude and creepy” does not come naturally to us – but must instead be cultivated through prayer and scripture.  Building this strength within ourselves, ideally from a very young age, is absolutely essential for us to prevent later pitfalls that weak character inevitably brings.

Better sooner than later for us to realize that overcoming senseless fears – along with maintaining clean and positive thoughts – is actually critical to our mental well being.  Chronic anxiety and even depression can result when we constantly focus on what is destructive or that which worries us about the present or future.   In the area of physical health, some of us obsessively fear acquiring ebola or having cancer.  We could channel our thoughts more wisely toward taking steps to improve our immunity in order to greatly reduce the likelihood of these and other tragic illnesses.  There is also a frequent tendency to forget that our Creator is indeed the ultimate Healer (Rapha) – particularly for those who replace fear with faith in Him to do so.

Through seeking His higher ways, adults and children alike can determine to fully adjust their focus on what is uplifting, biblical, and conducive to a solidly healthier lifestyle.  Connecting to the Creator is the key!  So during these days ahead when many seem to celebrate what is dark and dreary, may we uniquely shine forth a faith-filled light that encourages others to seek its loving source – the God of all creation –throughout this season of fall and infinitely beyond !

Faith Fact:  “The presence of hope in the invincible sovereignty of God drives out fear.” – John Piper

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Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

One thought on “How Fear undermines Faith

  1. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

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