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Heartache Medicine – Healing Love

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The Valentine season may have brought warm feelings to many who have a so-called ‘special someone’, but not all of us anticipated its arrival.  Many actually dreaded it as much as a barren woman sadly approaches Mother’s Day.  Some, like this writer, have experienced both heartaches – only to joyously find later that despite such dashed hopes, our unquenched longings are actually quite often obtainable.  The prolific Christian author, Max Lucado, gave a word of encouragement for anyone who does not expect a rose or romantic token from a sweetheart, when he so lovingly advised, “Remember that the One who loves you most has already sent you His very best!” (Jesus Christ).

Most of us, even who hold great faith, inevitably do experience an emptiness at some point in our lives which may revisit us at a certain time of year.  This is a normal human reaction on certain occasions, yet sometimes this negativity becomes repetitive and disruptive to our lives. The ultimate answer in these instances is not to pop a prescription pill – but instead to educate ourselves on simple changes which will bring a significant mood improvement and better enable us to truly experience lasting fulfillment (as detailed in my blog link below).

An important step in the delicate process of healing a hurting heart is to understand what exactly happens in our minds when these painful feelings occur.  All of us were created with a control center which has been pre-wired to yearn for the Living God, in whose image we have been so wonderfully made.  Both people and animals possess an almond shaped mass (amygdala) near the center of the brain which produces emotions. Only humans, however, have been designed to experience feelings of wonder and love for the Creator of our universe.  Through faith in Christ’s atoning death for our sins, these unique thinking processes enable us to become indwelled by the very Spirit of God Almighty.  We can only then be gradually transformed – from the inside out – into a newly formed spiritual being.  Incredibly, unlike mere animals, we are specially enabled to love, forgive, and pray for even our worst enemies.

This same supernatural power which manifests within the redeemed human soul (Greek: pscyche), provides us with an unlimited flow of peace and assurance, despite the circumstances in our often heartbreaking existence.  Jesus Christ is the Great Physician who not only heals our diseased and injured bodies – but additionally and amazingly, the deepest emotional hurts imaginable.  Our role in these miraculous interventions is simply to spend time frequently seeking His will through humbled prayer and a repentant, servant hearted life.  He never intended for us to ever feel alone – or even to become physically hindered.  The Lord God knows there is a great deal to be accomplished in this world of hungering souls.  Our involvement with advancing His eternal Kingdom is crucial to reaching others who have yet to understand that there is so much for everyone to achieve in accepting – and spreading – the eternal love of our Savior to all who will gratefully receive Him into their lives!

Powerful Prayer:  “Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.”  – Psalm 4:1

My Emotion Notion:  See ‘Depress Anxiety’ via Top Tab

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Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

One thought on “Heartache Medicine – Healing Love

  1. There is only one ultimate cure for the multiple concerns known to humanity – a relationship with the Creator of all things. Those who choose to follow His direction receive continual comfort and guidance through every twist and turn of this challenging existence.


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