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2019 – Ensuring an Excellent Start

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Remarkably, another busy year has hastily blown by us all!  What remains of it reflectively graces our memory banks and the family photo collection.  Without a doubt, certainly in the western world, the blessings from our Creator have far outnumbered the troubles. However many or few, deliberate or intentional – the mistakes we made can assuredly be forgiven and forgotten.  Best of all, they can be greatly minimized or prevented along the path of the new calendar that lies ahead.  If only we will purpose to acknowledge them – gaining significant insight from their valuable lessons.  Have we yet learned, for instance, that pardoning past wrongs, loving the unkind, selflessly serving others, replacing worry with prayerful action, and caring well for our bodies are all hallmarks of true happiness in this realm?

The Savior of our souls, whose advent was just celebrated by Christians worldwide, is more than able to transform the fumbling failures of yesteryear into golden opportunities that draw us closer to full dependence upon Him.  God’s amazing grace and mercy underscore His desire for us to gain humility from our regrets in order to equip us for advising others to prevent their anguish in making similar wrong choices.  Our part is simply to confess the shortfalls and ask Him to turn it all around for His glory – something that has always been the Lord’s specialty.  The sin-riddled life of King David in the Scriptures is a great example of such a redemption.  This revered ruler’s secret was continual confession and restoration in his relationship with God.  Whatever the misdeed, we can never underestimate the patience of the King of Kings.

Truly, on many occasions, the trials in life seem completely beyond our control,  Company shut-downs with subsequent lay-offs, grief over family and friends, and numerous other difficult circumstances can hinder our hopefulness.  Even so, the familiar Bible stories of Joseph, Job and most notably – Jesus Christ – can so appropriately remind us of how the Almighty rewards steadfast trust in His ability to see His people through seasons of even the most horrific injustice and pain. These severely tested souls refused to discount God’s sovereignty in their lives.  They each represent the epitome of an overcomer – most exemplified, of course in our death-conquering Savior Jesus.  The same sovereign God of all such historical figures is able to work any difficult circumstance in the days before us together for our good – and to help us demonstrate faithful perseverance through even the darkest days yet unseen in the future.

Yes, each and every one of us can experience the wondrous presence of God, an absolutely ‘divine’ encounter, in this new year that is already underway. The key to a supernatural relationship with Him is in determining to prayerfully seek His guidance each day – as well as to continuously give thanks for our lessons learned and for His many life provisions. Understanding this magnificent truth will bring the ultimate peace and endurance we need to face any trial that could possibly arise in the months ahead.  The self-confidence He bestows will enable every availing individual to make wise choices for this fleeting physical, mental, and spiritual existence.  The deep love of God will further equip us to improve the same in the lives of those throughout the earth who are hurting and feeling forgotten.  May the ‘Keeper of all Time’ be our compass as we further navigate this life journey through the hills and valleys of 2019, allowing His joy and unshakable strength to empower us in every daily endeavor!

Conquering Quote:  “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”  – Helen Keller

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Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

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