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What’s the Real Viral Pandemic?


‘March Madness!’ Will this expression ever hold the same connotation again?   History will no longer merely reference it as that spectacular culminating basketball event, but from 2020 on, as a month when an unprecedented quarantine of both the sick and the well was underway throughout the world.   Many have referred to the latter as absolute tyranny, because of the increasingly apparent reality of this exaggerated CoV-19 illness.  Indeed, one becomes pretty convinced when examining the actual statistics of this mysteriously termed pandemic, which some believe to be a deliberate China-made flu shot bioweapon derived from a bat coronavirus.  Astonishingly, communist China does indeed produce the vast majority of our vaccines, anti-viral drugs, as well as antibiotics. Quite notably too, places such as Italy, NY, California, and Washington – which mandated vaccines over this past year, have had drastically higher infection rates than other locations.  A military study revealed that those flu-vaccinated had quite significantly higher incidences of both coronavirus infection and metapneumovirus – which could really be the more deadly culprit in this outbreak.  Dr. Judy Mikovitz actually discovered some years back that hidden viruses can be found in vaccines. According to a live tracker website, this novel CoV-19 has allegedly taken the lives of nearly 5% of confirmed case victims throughout the earth.  It seems that God’s Word to the prophet Hosea is being eerily re-uttered to us today – in that people are truly perishing from their lack of knowledge.  My hope is that this post will serve to alter that status to some degree among those willing to open their minds.

The early spring death toll from CoV-19 in the U.S. was just under 2% of those symptomatic enough to be tested and confirmed – though co-morbid factors are very prevalent, and possibly even more causal. Even so, as tragic as precious human losses are to us, the even greater concern in America may be a much more destructive aftermath from the relentless fear-mongering over an over-hyped invisible threat – which could lead to desperation for yet another tainted vaccine.  The CDC’s own influenza statistics clearly reveal the unwarranted extreme caution regarding this new illness. From the 2018/19 cold season, they reported over 34,000 deaths from influenza. This season, the CDC projects a similar figure – though flu seems to have undergone a vanishing act since the new year – strangely overshadowed by the new illness.  Any objective person must admit that there is absolutely no comparison between the flu and CoV-19 death statistics – as the former is quite a contrast at over thirty times higher mortality.  It has become incredibly obvious that this is largely a pharmaceutically-driven effort to panic the masses. 

The apostle Paul wrote a wonderful letter to the Church of his day, which included this warning: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” – Ephesians 5:11-12. How true even today, because pharmakea (sorcery) profiteers indisputably control much of the internet, TV media, medical establishment, and also many American politicians.  The CDC itself owns dozens of vaccine patents – financially benefiting from this multi-billion-dollar industry – despite their obvious conflict of interest in doing so. Given these facts, it isn’t difficult to understand why promoting fear is the strategy in their unscrupulous plot to create desperation for a Cov-19 vaccine.    Indeed, it has already been fast-tracked for swift availability – and possibly even mandates – which would bring the ultimate lucrative windfall.  If this isn’t disconcerting enough, what is exceedingly more grievous to God, is the fact that this formula is yet another containing cells descended from an aborted child.  Such a vile practice is not only unconscionable – but potentially genome altering, according to genetic engineer, Dr. Teresa Deisher.  In light of these many troublesome concerns, is the real viral pandemic media-derived fear?  The fraudulent worldwide PCR testing? Regardless, we people of faith must fully awaken before our physical health and very souls are thoroughly undermined by an staggeringly obvious satanic agenda.  Pray much people!

Concerning Quote:  “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.”  – Science Direct, Military Flu Vaccine Study:

Biblical Vaccination View:

Vaccine Sense/Cents – Rolling out CoV-19 – Ready or Not:  ‘Body Balance’ via Top Tab


Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

2 thoughts on “What’s the Real Viral Pandemic?

  1. Well, said!
    May America wake up to these ungodly practices.
    Praising God He Is in control!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes – because ignorance is not bliss on this crucial topic. Too many have been misled and are literally perishing for lack of knowledge. Pray much!!


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