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Heartaches and Breaks – Mending Hope

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HEARTBREAKS are all too common in this earthly realm.  None of us will ever be immune from the potential for experiencing human betrayal or the physical loss of someone we adored. Only one LOVE bond truly lasts forever, from the author of the ultimate kind – our very own CREATOR!  His alone is always present, whether or not we feel or acknowledge it.  AGAPE (Greek) is the unconditional love that will not change even when we refuse to receive it – or think we don’t deserve it.  This affection is yours simply by being a person – made in the image of the everlasting GOD!  What a priceless BLESSING to savor, as such a burden lifts from us in realizing that even if loved ones in this world completely abandon us – intentionally or not – HE is actually INCAPABLE of doing so.  People everywhere need to know that they are cherished this way! Why not sincerely resolve to deliberately share such a golden truth throughout this year, taking time to smile (maskless) and show concern for store clerks, passersby, as well as neighbors left and right?  We can especially reach out to those we know who are hurting from having lost someone close to them.  Regardless of our own tendency to doubt His faithfulness, we must seek courage from the LORD, maybe even send a message, card, or gift to an estranged family member or old acquaintance – indicating that we sincerely want to demonstrate the awesome LOVE of God to them.  There is no higher calling on earth – though simple as these small deeds may seem.  Such gestures can sow a great seed of PEACE and HOPE in the heart of someone who may need that very thing on a particularly stressful day.  You or I could be an instrument for mending deep emotional wounds in hurting souls. Their ANXIETIES, and amazingly ours, in the process – will dramatically fade.  Let us PRAY for the strength and self-healing we ourselves need – then proceed onward as the Almighty directs us to shine forth His magnificent light and eternal, unconditional LOVE!

‘LOVELY’ QUOTE:  “Riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away, but love stays with us. Love is God.”― Lew WallaceBen-Hur

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Author: truluv4u

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my greatest source of peace and power for life. He faithfully guides my family through every challenge and trial. I will praise His mighty name forevermore!

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