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We might feel so strongly against a certain popular trend that it almost feels as if we are allergic to it!  This aversion is somewhat analagous to the way a physical allergy happens in the body. When we have toxic over-load, quirky genetics, and/or unbalanced nutrition, we tip over into skewed methylation and environmental sensitivity issues.  Aside from this, while most of us welcome the weather change that spring or autumn bring, many sufferers of this malady feel at least a slight sense of dread prior to its arrival – for the very reasons previously stated.

According to Dr. Lisa Lewis, ND, LAc – an allergy is an overaggressive immune response triggered by ingesting certain foods, touching certain substances, or inhaling an irritant such as pollen or animal dander.  Less than 20% of us are the allergen-free humans God originally designed. Allopathic medical schools have consistently taught prospective physicians (MDs) that these increasingly common issues result from bad genetics. While certainly genes do play some role, poor diet choices and toxic environmental influences are likely the greater causative factors. These include pesticides, inhaled chemicals, unnatural food additives, and heavy metal components/preservatives. Plant or animal-based allergies (often seasonal) are the most common type of this unwanted guest – characterized by high histamine levels in the body. On the other hand, the much less prevalent chemical (food additives, perfumes, etc.) sensitivities are evidence of low histamine. The good news is that both kinds of allergies are usually reversible with natural interventions which get your system back into balance.

If you tend toward seasonal/plant allergies – along with heat intolerance, insomnia, and hyperactivity – your histamines are probably too elevated, rendering you as part of the larger group of under-methylating people. In order to increase the body’s methyl groups – which are vastly important for energy production and other processes – try these helpful tips:

* Diffuse anti-histamine essential oils such as lavender or peppermint. Always use USDA certified organic oils with no expiration date.
* Use stinging nettles or milk thistle – in tea or capsules – for several weeks prior to allergy seasons.
* Reduce toxic metals, alcohol, raw vegetables, red berries, fermented foods, animal protein, and sucrose.
* Eat low histamine foods such as lightly steamed carrots, broccoli, or green beans – apples, blueberries, oats, corn, rice, quinoa, potatoes, fresh fish, lamb, chicken, eggs, and extra virgin olive or coconut oil.
* Take extra supplements such as vitamin C, quercetin, TMG, MSM, inositol, magnesium, B6 and methyl B12

More Histamine Help:  *                          *

Should you be among the less prevalent over-methylated population, characterized by low histamine – your indications will usually include sensitivity to chemicals – outward anxiety, low motivation, and some learning disabilities. The following will be of great benefit to you:
* Avoid frequent contact with toxic substances like chlorine, fluoride, aluminum products, arsenic (some juice and rice), lead, household cleaning agents, unnatural food additives, teflon coatings, most skin applications, colognes or strong scented toiletries, and most prescription drugs.
* Consume histamine raising foods such as raw tomatoes or spinach, soy products, sea salt fermented cucumbers or cabbage, pineapple, avocado, strawberries, pears, shellfish, chocolate, legumes, walnuts and cashews.
* Add B12, folate, niacin, carnosine, beta-alanine, and choline to your supplement regimen.

Be assured that regardless of your histamine levels and methylation status, you can always trust our Creator to be your guide toward a more comfortable and victorious allergy-free life. Most of all, pray for the resolve you will need to adjust your diet to promote this necessary and delicate balance.
* These scriptures will additionally encourage you: Psalm 103, Isaiah 53, Romans 8
* See my page entitled “Body Balance” to take a methylation quiz.
* No-Sneeze Site:



Save Your Skin, Body, and Soul

“You are what you eat” is an old and very accurate health adage.  However, it is actually an incomplete concept.  To become entirely true, the statement should actually read:  “You are what you consume.”  This paints a much broader portrait of what it really means to fully consider what we intake into our bodies.  Discover below one of the most common and potentially hazardous types of human consumption – our own skin!

This is actually the body’s largest – and very porous organ.  To illustrate how the skin absorbs every topical solution, consider the term ‘transdermal’ – which indicates just that.  This is the effective concept behind those well-known nicotine and birth control patches. Given this, it would be good sense for us all to become more vigilant in reading ingredients on the labels of various types of lotions and liquids that we tend to apply quite frequently on our skin.  They are most often used in the form of make-up bases, sun screens, moisturizers, bug repellants and other topical solutions.  Oftentimes we expect an allergic rash to indicate that a particular product is harmful.   However, the absence of  red splotches or bumps in no way proves the safety of that solution.

Skin absorbed ingredients that have been shown collectively to do internal harm include parabens, deet, aluminum, and others listed at this site: … There are also toxins not deliberately applied to the body – such as chlorinated/fluoridated water from baths or pools, antimony from flame resistant PJs and crib mattresses, multiple household cleaning products, as well as cadmium from second hand smoke – all of which can easily be skin-consumed.

Absorbing a whole host of environmental toxins over just a few years can lead to serious consequences to our physical and mental health.   The Lord God would have us gain all the helpful knowledge available to us in order to prevent our lives from being diminished to the point that we are unable to be energetic servants to others and productive members of society. So let all who are wise thoroughly analyze those ingredient labels and henceforth determine to fully nourish our skin and body – as well as ultimately, our extended soul !



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