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Hailing Remedies that Heal Health

Independence is certainly an important quality to acquire as a person matures into adulthood.  However, when it comes to feeling alone in a view on a particular issue, we don’t tend to feel so comfortable in our skin.  What a relief to discover even one other person who shares your view on a subject that is personally significant.  This is exactly the way many of us have felt in the past on the topic of holistic health.  How excited we have become to discover that gradually many others, even a number of physicians – are wisely joining our camp – especially since 2020!
As epidemic numbers skyrocket for a great many previously rare disorders such as diabetes, Crohn’s, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, CFS, MS, lupus, and cancer – we now come to the long overdue conclusion that excessive medical interventions may actually be doing more harm than good. Shockingly, the USA is now number one in young child mortality among the top thirty industrialized nations.  Human productivity is increasingly waning because of the declining health of western societies.  Common toxic medical practices such as repetitive oral antibiotics, multi-dose vaccinations, radiation procedures, dental amalgams, and chemotherapy can collectively become terribly debilitating to a body’s delicate immune balance.  Many of these combined treatments lead to both physical and mental dysfunctions which, short of divine intervention – require vastly complex holistic programs to reverse.  Though these revelations are finally in part becoming exposed, we have yet to reach the point when the mainstream community no longer scoffs or ridicules our position. In fact, many media sources are increasingly canceling our voices – leading us to smaller less restrictive platforms!
Why indeed do some continue to vehemently resist the effectiveness of age old remedies – and the sheer truth of the adage “an ounce of prevention”?   The answer is nothing less than the proverbial ‘money trail’, which is a shamelessly prosperous path – especially in the United States.  The largely pharmaceutically based, allopathic healthcare profession is quite lucrative and extensive – employing large numbers of citizens who will unapologetically defend their livelihood tooth and nail.  Even so, the light is shining with increasing brightness in the tunnel of the not-too-distant future when cumulative grassroots-funded research findings will become impossible to ignore. Our gracious and loving Creator is paving the way for us to restore the horribly diminished health of our families.  Consequently, given this beacon of hope, we must resolve to persevere and remain firm in our convictions – realizing full well how much our children’s future is at stake – and ultimately that of the entire world. This is sadly, and shockingly true now more than ever with a quite apparent depopulation agenda in play involving our own government leaders!
Rather than becoming exasperated or anxious by these realities – or when others react with disbelief in our claims of natural preventions and healing methods – may we persevere in convincing them to examine our successful health experiences. Beyond that, let us reveal to them the increasing mountain of published evidence which supports our assertions.  This undertaking is so crucial for any potential at all of turning the dangerous tide that is now the standard of modern destructive medicine.   May those who possess these vital truths boldly proclaim this holistic health revolution – and swiftly recruit others to follow suit!
QUOTE to PROMOTE:  “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison
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Springing into New Life!

Tiny leaping lambs and sunny daffodils are cherished symbols of this most favored season – springtime! Many of us pine for weeks for its brighter days and warm breezes. Our Creator has been graciously FAITHFUL over many millennia to continually provide us with this hope of nature’s resurgence beyond the fallen dry leaves and frozen earth which so dutifully harbors hibernating life. As magnificent as this predictable cycle has proven to be, even more so is the immeasurable HOPE we are given through trusting in the provision of a Savior for the world – the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Whatever our physical, mental, or emotional struggles in these turbulent times – we have the promise of an eternal home with perfect bodies and minds beyond that inevitable gateway of fleshly death. God’s very own Son was the original death conqueror – as eye-witnessed by hundreds – even according to extra-biblical records. Thousands to this very day have literally lost their lives for refusing to deny what was evident to them through His divine revelations. Still countless others suffer in areas of the world where Christian persecution is seemingly relentless – and now worsening in some nations due to terrorists and oppressive leaders. Those in currently free regions must fully relish in-person worship and bear witness everywhere of the LOVE that God has lavished upon all humanity. Internet Zooms and streams will never equate because of deprived opportunities for essential hugs and handshakes. Every soul should discover the joy of knowing Christ as guiding shepherd and great physician who longs to walk alongside and serve through us daily in a very personal way. There is no experience like having a relationship with the Great I AM, which is unimaginable until we truly receive this gracious gift from within a sincere and humble soul. The heated skepticism of many down through time has often been amazingly transformed into a cooling breeze of faithful assurance from the Maker of heaven and earth. Acquiring this ultimate spiritual health brings an absolutely priceless temporal PEACE that ends those old fearful anxieties.  Even so, this jewel is only a foretaste of the incomparable, everlasting treasures – as fresh as springtime – lovingly prepared for those who determine to seek and serve Him with all of their hearts!

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Inspiring Statement: “Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.” – George Mueller (Christian evangelist and Director of England’s Ashley Down Orphanage)

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Heartaches and Breaks – Mending Hope

HEARTBREAKS are all too common in this earthly realm.  None of us will ever be immune from the potential for experiencing human betrayal or the physical loss of someone we adored. Only one LOVE bond truly lasts forever, from the author of the ultimate kind – our very own CREATOR!  His alone is always present, whether or not we feel or acknowledge it.  AGAPE (Greek) is the unconditional love that will not change even when we refuse to receive it – or think we don’t deserve it.  This affection is yours simply by being a person – made in the image of the everlasting GOD!  What a priceless BLESSING to savor, as such a burden lifts from us in realizing that even if loved ones in this world completely abandon us – intentionally or not – HE is actually INCAPABLE of doing so.  People everywhere need to know that they are cherished this way! Why not sincerely resolve to deliberately share such a golden truth throughout this year, taking time to smile (maskless) and show concern for store clerks, passersby, as well as neighbors left and right?  We can especially reach out to those we know who are hurting from having lost someone close to them.  Regardless of our own tendency to doubt His faithfulness, we must seek courage from the LORD, maybe even send a message, card, or gift to an estranged family member or old acquaintance – indicating that we sincerely want to demonstrate the awesome LOVE of God to them.  There is no higher calling on earth – though simple as these small deeds may seem.  Such gestures can sow a great seed of PEACE and HOPE in the heart of someone who may need that very thing on a particularly stressful day.  You or I could be an instrument for mending deep emotional wounds in hurting souls. Their ANXIETIES, and amazingly ours, in the process – will dramatically fade.  Let us PRAY for the strength and self-healing we ourselves need – then proceed onward as the Almighty directs us to shine forth His magnificent light and eternal, unconditional LOVE!

‘LOVELY’ QUOTE:  “Riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away, but love stays with us. Love is God.”― Lew WallaceBen-Hur

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Casting Fear into the Darkness

That sweet and sour time of year has come around again – as children delight in the sugary treats – but tremble at the spooky scenes throughout the town.   It is the particular season when God’s beautifully painted landscapes are marred by streaks of cultural darkness.  The concept of autumn is by design – the beginning of death, or dormancy, for much of the world’s plant and animal life. This is the probable explanation of why the defeated Devil so brazenly celebrates at this gloomy time (though his very existence is widely denied).   Christ-followers will not despair, however, knowing that the LORD’s light will ultimately overcome the increasing prevalence of evil.  Furthermore, only our amazing Creator would originate the idea of splashing foliage with glorious color in the midst of the dying process.   Nature provides us continuous evidence of God’s presence and faithfulness in its seasonal miracles – continually reproducing marvelous creations repeatedly through the years.

So what then of this particular month on the calendar – with its obsession – and even celebration of death, fright, and things of the night?   Should responsible parents condone its underlying intent of promoting ‘fear’ in their children – leading to nightmares and unnecessary anxieties?  The answer should be obvious to people of ‘faith’, given that these two terms are entirely opposite concepts.  Sadly though, feeling scared – even seeking opportunities to become so – is a flawed human tendency, and frequently experienced temptation.   Trusting in God’s protection and preferring what is “pure and lovely” over all that is “crude and creepy” does not come naturally to us – but must instead be cultivated through prayer and Scripture meditation.  Building this strength within ourselves, ideally from a very young age, is absolutely essential for us to prevent later pitfalls that weak character inevitably produces.

Better sooner than later for us to realize that overcoming senseless fears – along with maintaining clean and positive thoughts – is actually critical to our mental well being.  Chronic anxiety and even depression can result when we constantly focus on what is destructive or that which worries us about the past, present or future.   In the area of physical health, some of us obsessively fear catching ‘covid’, developing cancer, or declining mentally into Alzheimer’s.  We could channel our thoughts more wisely in taking steps toward body detox and natural immune enhancement to greatly reduce the risks of these and other tragic illnesses.  There is also a frequent tendency to forget that our Creator is indeed the ultimate Healer (Rapha) – particularly for those who replace fear with faith in Him to do so.

Through seeking His higher ways, adults and children alike can determine to fully adjust their focus on what is uplifting, biblical, and conducive to a solidly healthier lifestyle.  Connecting to the Creator is the key!  So during these days ahead when many seem to celebrate what is dark and dreary, may we uniquely shine forth a faith-filled light that encourages others to seek its loving source, the God of all creation, throughout this season of fall – and infinitely beyond !

Faith Fact:  “The presence of hope in the invincible sovereignty of God drives out fear.” – John Piper

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Why the World’s Gone Viral

 Heaven, help us all! Truly, how indeed have so many otherwise reasonable humans seemingly gone ‘batty’? Precious too few have accurately referred to the continued mask madness and insane vaccine push as absolute tyranny. The unfathomable reality of the nefariously contrived CoV-19 becomes pretty obvious when one examines the actual statistics of this mysteriously termed pandemic. Through indepth analysis of PCR test specimens, some scientists have noted that it simply demonstrates gene amplification, not definitive, active viral identification. Positive results can even be tailored to particular subjects or territories by increasing the number of test cycles run. Some have actually determined covid to be a deliberate China-made and NIH Fauci-funded bioweapon via a flu shot formula laced with bat coronaviruses, as well as additional HIV subsets for even more gain-of-function and transmission.  In fact, that Asian communist nation has produced the vast majority of America’s vaccine components, anti-viral drugs, antibiotics, various other pharma for over seven years. Why then are we surprised by the enemy’s plot now being extensively implemented?

Quite shockingly and notably, Italy, NY, California, Washington, and other locations have made vaccines compulsory since mid 2019. Given this, it is a really a small wonder that they have had drastically higher infection rates than other locations.  A U.S. military study had already revealed in 2018 that those flu-vaccinated had quite significantly higher incidences of both coronavirus infection and metapneumovirus – which could very likely be the more deadly culprits in this outbreak.  Dr. Judy Mikovits has stated that the worldwide flu vaccine campaign would be the only way the illness was reported in over 100 nations within two weeks. Dr. Luc Montagnier further warned that the 5G roll-out would bring an exacerbated immune breakdown. The CDC’s own data revealed by summer of 2020 that flu and pneumonia death statistics were combined with the covid-diagnosed patients. Increasing the case count even more, the U.S. government provided significant financial incentives to hospitals for each case and ventilator utilized. Consequently, collapsed lungs killed many, particularly in NYC, among the force-vaxxed nursing home residents. ER physician Dr. Sidell noted a strange likeness to altitude illness with low blood oxygen, rather than mere respiratory distress. It seems that God’s Word to the prophet Hosea is being eerily re-uttered to us today – in that people are truly perishing from their lack of knowledge that medical injections can actually do much harm.  My hope is that this post will serve to alter that status to some degree among those willing to open their minds.

Astoundingly, by late spring, 2021, the death toll from the covid jab had surpassed the combined mortality rate of all VAERS reports over the last twenty years. Even so, as tragic as precious human losses are to us, the even greater concern in America may be a much more destructive aftermath from the relentless fear-mongering over an assumed invisible threat – which could lead to desperation for yet another tainted booster shot.  Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Carrie Madej, and an increasing number of other highly credentialed medical scientists warn that the wicked goals of the corrupt medical agencies and tech giants are two-fold: depopulation of the world and transhumanism for its survivors. Warnings like these that were once mocked and scoffed upon are becoming like sci-fi turned reality throughout our escalatingly darkness-engulfed planet.

The apostle Paul wrote a wonderful letter to the Church of his day, which included this admonition: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” – Ephesians 5:11-12. How true even today, because pharmakeia (sorcery) profiteers indisputably control much of the internet, TV media, big corporations, and also many American politicians.  The CDC and NIH own dozens of vaccine patents. Top med scientists and tycoons like Bill Gates reap huge financial benefits from this multi-billion-dollar industry – despite their obvious conflict of interest in doing so – particularly with this dangerous new bio-tech shot. Given these facts, it isn’t difficult to understand why promoting fear is the strategy in their unscrupulous plot to create desperation for the covid injections, which in reality are a gene alteration therapy.   They have been widely marketed for swift availability – and possibly even mandates – which would bring the ultimate lucrative windfall of trillions collectively worldwide.  If this isn’t disconcerting enough, what is exceedingly more grievous to God, is the fact that this formula is yet another developed utilizing cells descended from aborted children – and one that is causing incidences of miscarriages to skyrocket.  Such a vile injection is not only unconscionable – but potentially genome altering, according to genetic engineer, Dr. Teresa Deisher.  In light of these many troublesome concerns, we people of faith must fully awaken to the importance of pharma alternatives – including better nutrition, sunshine, and toxin avoidance. Otherwise, dear friends, our physical health and very souls will become thoroughly undermined in the name of that notorious root of all kinds of evil – the age-old, seemingly endless money trail and subsequent pride to rule the world!

Biblical Vaccination View:

Dr. Meehan on Mask Madness:

Concerning Quote:  “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.”  – Science Direct, Military Flu Vaccine Study:

Covid Shot Stats:

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The Human Race – Health Path to Peace

Humanity is so magnificently blessed to be specially created in the very image of the Almighty Living God – people of many skin tones and physical diversities. How then have we reached this tumultuous point in our history – and what now are we to do in addressing society’s grave cultural decline?  The probability of real solutions depends entirely upon the effort we individually put forth to overcome these disturbing signs of societal decay.
It is certainly not mere speculation that modern humanity has become less service oriented and more self-indulged. Rebellion, sexual perversion, abortion, and drug abuse are some of the more notorious examples. There are countless others as well that clearly indicate a tragic downward spiral of our human race.
Christians are sometimes quick to assume that poor moral choices involve only individual free will – and are ultimately spiritual in nature. However, this is an insufficient analysis for hurting souls who frequently have had inadvertent physical toxic exposures primarily from lucrative industrial and pharmaceutical products.  Complicating this further is that the mainstream health establishment adds fuel to the body’s internal fire with prescription medications for the resulting depression and anxiety. Collectively, a great toll is taken on the increasingly debilitated neuro-immune system. These cumulative health insults are likely the primary culprits for most of the now common chronic illnesses and behavioral dysfunctions widely seen in the western world.
Toxic harm to the amygdala, known as the brain’s seat of emotion, can lead to anti-social and uncompassionate behaviors often characteristic of those diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, and even Alzheimer’s.  Mercury from dental amalgams and thimerosal vaccines damages the brain, thyroid and kidneys. The adrenal gland becomes chronically depleted, leading to short-fused outbursts at even the slightest provocation. Most of us by now have seen this well-illustrated by recent widespread violent rioting over perceived societal offenses. Injected and topical aluminum products have also been shown to be contributing factors of multiple neuropathies, adversely impacting our younger generations in particular – both socially and cognitively.
Systemic mineral imbalances and gut dysbiosis – often caused by pharmaceutical interventions – may as well produce various behavioral and discretion issues. This occurs largely due to disruption of the delicate zinc/copper, amino acids, and microbiome balance – resulting in a broad range of so-called mental conditions.  Over time, the resulting detrimental effects of malnutrition, chemical/metal toxins and pathogens lead to heritable mutated genes. It isn’t difficult to fathom how these continuous physical assaults can potentially lead to aggressive life-threatening behaviors toward self and others. This is why learning to recognize and avoid health-harming triggers is the central key for both prevention and healing of illnesses.
 Ultimately however, the key to optimal peace and well-being resides in becoming spiritually connected with our amazing Creator. He will provide the best guidance we need to actually discover the precise root causes and cures for whatever may ail us, our loved ones, and society at large.   He can reveal knowledge of how to avoid further toxic exposures, make good diet choices, and find effective natural remedies for abundant living. Health Hopelight is one source inspired for that very purpose. Let us pray for the physical and spiritual inner healing that each of us inevitably need as an essential prerequisite to achieve our best life possible in this fleeting realm of diverse human co-existence!
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Crucial Quote:  “Masks are NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching the coronavirus.”   – Dr. Jerome Adams, U.S. Surgeon General


What’s the Real Viral Pandemic?

‘March Madness!’ Will this expression ever hold the same connotation again?   History will no longer merely reference it as that spectacular culminating basketball event, but from 2020 on, as a month when an unprecedented quarantine of both the sick and the well was underway throughout the world.   Many have referred to the latter as absolute tyranny, because of the increasingly apparent reality of this exaggerated CoV-19 illness.  Indeed, one becomes pretty convinced when examining the actual statistics of this mysteriously termed pandemic, which some believe to be a deliberate China-made flu shot bioweapon derived from a bat coronavirus.  Astonishingly, communist China does indeed produce the vast majority of our vaccines, anti-viral drugs, as well as antibiotics. Quite notably too, places such as Italy, NY, California, and Washington – which mandated vaccines over this past year, have had drastically higher infection rates than other locations.  A military study revealed that those flu-vaccinated had quite significantly higher incidences of both coronavirus infection and metapneumovirus – which could really be the more deadly culprit in this outbreak.  Dr. Judy Mikovitz actually discovered some years back that hidden viruses can be found in vaccines. According to a live tracker website, this novel CoV-19 has allegedly taken the lives of nearly 5% of confirmed case victims throughout the earth.  It seems that God’s Word to the prophet Hosea is being eerily re-uttered to us today – in that people are truly perishing from their lack of knowledge.  My hope is that this post will serve to alter that status to some degree among those willing to open their minds.

The early spring death toll from CoV-19 in the U.S. was just under 2% of those symptomatic enough to be tested and confirmed – though co-morbid factors are very prevalent, and possibly even more causal. Even so, as tragic as precious human losses are to us, the even greater concern in America may be a much more destructive aftermath from the relentless fear-mongering over an over-hyped invisible threat – which could lead to desperation for yet another tainted vaccine.  The CDC’s own influenza statistics clearly reveal the unwarranted extreme caution regarding this new illness. From the 2018/19 cold season, they reported over 34,000 deaths from influenza. This season, the CDC projects a similar figure – though flu seems to have undergone a vanishing act since the new year – strangely overshadowed by the new illness.  Any objective person must admit that there is absolutely no comparison between the flu and CoV-19 death statistics – as the former is quite a contrast at over thirty times higher mortality.  It has become incredibly obvious that this is largely a pharmaceutically-driven effort to panic the masses. 

The apostle Paul wrote a wonderful letter to the Church of his day, which included this warning: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” – Ephesians 5:11-12. How true even today, because pharmakea (sorcery) profiteers indisputably control much of the internet, TV media, medical establishment, and also many American politicians.  The CDC itself owns dozens of vaccine patents – financially benefiting from this multi-billion-dollar industry – despite their obvious conflict of interest in doing so. Given these facts, it isn’t difficult to understand why promoting fear is the strategy in their unscrupulous plot to create desperation for a Cov-19 vaccine.    Indeed, it has already been fast-tracked for swift availability – and possibly even mandates – which would bring the ultimate lucrative windfall.  If this isn’t disconcerting enough, what is exceedingly more grievous to God, is the fact that this formula is yet another containing cells descended from an aborted child.  Such a vile practice is not only unconscionable – but potentially genome altering, according to genetic engineer, Dr. Teresa Deisher.  In light of these many troublesome concerns, is the real viral pandemic media-derived fear?  The fraudulent worldwide PCR testing? Regardless, we people of faith must fully awaken before our physical health and very souls are thoroughly undermined by an staggeringly obvious satanic agenda.  Pray much people!

Concerning Quote:  “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.”  – Science Direct, Military Flu Vaccine Study:

Biblical Vaccination View:

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God’s Vision for Your New Year – Always 20/20!

How could it be that not only another year, but an entire decade has already passed us by?  What remains of those eventful times reflectively graces our memory banks and the family photo collection.  Without a doubt, certainly in the western world, the blessings from our Creator have far outnumbered the troubles. However many or few, deliberate or intentional – any mistakes we made can assuredly be forgiven and forgotten.  Best of all, they can be greatly minimized or prevented along the path of the new calendar that lies ahead.  If only we will purpose to acknowledge them – gaining significant insight from their valuable lessons.  Have we yet learned, for instance, that pardoning past wrongs, loving the unkind, selflessly serving others, replacing worry with prayerful action, and caring well for our bodies are all hallmarks of ultimate happiness?

The Savior of our souls, whose advent was just celebrated by Christians worldwide, is more than able to transform the failures of yesteryear into golden opportunities that draw us closer to full dependence upon Him.  God’s amazing grace and mercy underscore His desire for us to gain humility from our regrets – in order to equip us for advising others in preventing their anguish from similar wrong choices.  Our part is simply to confess each bad choice and ask Him to turn it all around for His glory – something that has always been His specialty.  The sin-riddled life of King David in the Scriptures is a great example of such redemption.  The secret of this imperfect monarch was continual confession and restoration in his relationship with God.  Whatever the misdeed, we can never underestimate the patience of the King of Kings.

Truly, on many occasions, the shortfalls in this realm seem completely beyond our control,  Company shut-downs with subsequent lay-offs, grief over family and friends, and numerous other difficult circumstances can hinder our hopefulness.  Even so, the familiar Bible stories of Joseph, Job and most notably – Jesus Christ – can appropriately remind us of how the Almighty rewards steadfast trust in His ability to see His people through seasons of horrific injustice and pain. Each of these severely tested souls refused to discount the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father. Each of them was the epitome of an overcomer – most exemplified, of course in our death-conquering Lord Jesus.  The same soul-lover of all such historical figures is able to work any difficult circumstance in the days and months before us together for our good – as well as to help us with faithful perseverance through even the darkest of trials yet unseen in the future.

So, yes! Each and every one of us can experience the wondrous presence of the Almighty in this new year that is already marching onward. The key to a supernatural relationship with Him is to prayerfully seek His guidance each day – along with continually giving thanks for our lessons learned, and for His many life provisions. Understanding this magnificent truth will bring the ultimate peace and endurance we need to face any trial that could possibly arise in the months ahead.  The confidence He bestows will enable every availing individual to make wise choices for this fleeting physical, mental, and spiritual existence.  The deep love of Christ will further equip us to improve the life conditions of those throughout the earth who are hurting and feeling forgotten.  May the ‘Keeper of all Time’ be our compass as we further navigate this temporal journey through the hills and valleys of 2020. May He provide us with the perfect vision in which abiding joy and unshakable strength empower us for every daily endeavor!

 Conquering Quote:  “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”  -Helen Keller

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Gratefulness in a World of Grief

What a difficult task we have in cultivating thankful thoughts within this busy, self-indulgent culture of ours.  The most plausible explanation for the hurried human condition undoubtedly lies within this imperfect existence that we all inhabit. Since the fall of humanity, we have inherited a tendency not only to make immoral choices – but also to focus on negatives in a given situation. Certainly, from day to day, it is easy to think positively and remain content when all is going our way.   Yet, to the contrary, it requires a deep inner strength granted only by our Creator to feel joyful and confident when we face multiple trials.  The devastating loss of a loved one, a friend, a material possession, or another cherished treasure in life can really topple our world if we are not inwardly equipped for such tragedies. How then is it actually possible to weather the inevitable pitfalls throughout this lifetime while maintaining a hopeful outlook?

As a further complication for humanity, in this age of health epidemics, feeling chronically ill is a special challenge for so many. Over the millennia, we have acquired an escalating cascade of physically dangerous microbes, life-sucking parasites and severely toxic chemicals and metals. The lucrative processed food industry – as well as the apparent increasing greed of the medical establishment with its overzealous use of vaccines, antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals – have greatly contributed to this disturbing reality, destroying the delicate balance the Creator designed within our bodies.  As a result, an increasing number of us have chronic health conditions and wonder how we can possibly be grateful for our plights.  We wonder, like the biblical figure, Job – how we can deal with such suffering – as we continue to love and serve our Lord. The answer to this tough inquiry may actually be found in the words of a simple old Christian hymn:  “When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost – count your many blessings, name them one by one – and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.”  As these wise lyrics advise, taking stock of all that we have – rather than dwelling on the shortfalls – can continually enable us to praise God for our basic essentials and physical capabilities that we tend to take for granted.

Thoughtfully consider that analysts have observed in studies how the wealthiest and healthiest are not necessarily the happiest of people. Very often in fact, it is the truly desperate among us who most readily receive the knowledge of God.  Most assuredly, numerous Scripture references instruct us on finding contentment in our poorest and sickest conditions – even viewing these trials as opportunities to grow in character and to magnify the greater strength of the Almighty.  Ideally, securing a solid relationship with our Creator, the most proficient of all problem-solvers – will enable us to experience the greatest comfort – and often total solutions – for whatever ails our bodies, minds and circumstances.  His Spirit can envelop our souls with thankful hearts that will sustain us through any tribulation we encounter and provide us with ultimate hope for complete wholeness for all eternity!

Contented Quote:  “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”  – Philippians 4:8

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Healing Lessons of History

Since the fall of that first man and woman in the fertile Tigris-Euphrates River valley,  humanity has been continuously in need of healing – both physically and spiritually.   Though the Creator cursed the ground from that time on with many thorns and infectious agents, He still mercifully provided an abundance of nutrient-rich foods and healing herbs throughout that lush garden in Eden – and far beyond.  Descendants of Adam and Eve down through the ages have benefited from the tried and true remedies of their forefathers.

Even more amazingly than these gracious provisions, Old and New Testament Scriptures relate a number of accounts in which severe conditions were divinely healed by our great and loving God. Writers carefully detailed the restoration of lepers, barren women, the blind, deaf, lame – and incredibly, in some cases – those who had already physically perished.  What a testimony of His awesome power to those who witnessed such wondrous displays of goodness from the Almighty.  Then, most spectacularly of all, the Son of God Himself conquered death after His crucifixion – fulfilling the prophecies made millennia earlier.   Those who trust in the Messiah for the forgiveness of their sins and repentance were promised healing ‘by His stripes’ – in this life and for all eternity.

Over the centuries, post Biblical records worldwide have indicated that well-fed families with healthy, moral lifestyles have been quite successful in proliferating their genealogies – without modern interventions such as vaccines and antibiotics.  These same resourceful people were very astute in utilizing plant-derived medicines to remedy their temporary illnesses.  When Louis Pasteur’s terribly flawed germ theory became popularized in modern history, we began to follow a perilous road which has led more to financial prosperity for pharmaceuticals than to better health for citizens.  Toxicity related deaths continue to soar – especially throughout the western world, where access to medical care is most prevalent. The so-called experts never explain the most obvious error in their commonly applied theory on germs – why most people exposed to infectious diseases do not actually manifest any symptoms.  The truth is that we all receive the bad microbes – simply by breathing the air that carries them.  Even so, those who become ill are only the people in a weakened state of immunity due to being highly toxic, under-nourished or over-stressed.  The same is true of various types of non-contagious maladies – like cancer.  An adequate number of strong, flourishing cells in a person will prevent unhealthy ones from metastasizing and destroying the body tissues.

Our God created us so marvelously, with complex systems designed to resist the most harsh microbes and to overcome a vast number of potential interior malfunctions.   If we are wise stewards of these incredible bodies of ours, they can become fully healed and amazingly productive in this brief existence.  By choosing a balanced diet of unprocessed foods, reducing unnecessary stresses, and avoiding toxic exposures – we can be highly successful in optimizing our potentials to accomplish all the Creator intends for an influential contribution in this vast and needy world.

Healing Quote: “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  – Thomas Edison

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