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Social Ills: Surprising Root Causes

At this tumultuous point in human history, what now are we to think concerning society’s grave cultural sickness?  The probability of real solutions depends of course on the priority we place on overcoming the increasingly clear signs of moral decay. It is certainly not a mere speculation that modern humanity has become less service oriented and more self-indulged. Even some of the most productive citizens often turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to social concerns that would have horrified our forefathers. Abortion, homosexuality and drug addiction are some of the more notorious examples. There are numerous others yet, which indicate a disturbing trend toward the promotion of personal satisfaction over concern for the greater good of mankind.

Christians are sometimes quick to assume that all detrimental choices involve only individual free will – and are ultimately spiritual in nature. This is a close-minded and often uncompassionate approach to addressing some very hurting souls. Even more disturbing is our mainstream medical community, which blames either past abuse or biological factors – nearly always prescribing a medication which further debilitates the neuro-immune system.

Rather than always condemning the misuse of free will – and in light of the factors mentioned – let us fully consider the following medical interventions as the very probable culprits for some increasingly common behavioral dysfunctions.

  • Damage to the amygdala, known as the brain’s ‘seat of emotion’, can lead to anti-social and uncompassionate behaviors often characteristic of those diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, and even Alzheimer’s. Mercury from dental amalgams and thimerosal vaccines – as well as injected and OTC aluminum products – have both been shown as likely causes of these illnesses.
  •  Oxytocin is deemed the brain’s ‘trust’ hormone, though when in excess, it causes emotional gullibility – meaning that such a person is easily led by others – often down a destructive path. Such an imbalance is often found in prolonged pitocin induced newborns.
  • Systemic mineral imbalances and gut dysbiosis produce various behavioral and discretion issues. Ironically, the great majority of these are actually caused by pharmaceuticals. They often disrupt the delicate zinc/copper and amino acid balance – resulting in diagnoses of a wide range of so-called mental conditions.  Over time, the resulting accumulated toxins and pathogens can even cause mutations. All of these disruptions can potentially even lead to violent behaviors which are life-threatening to self and others.

Undoubtedly there are countless other causes to what are deemed as behavioral disorders which contribute to poor decision making. Ultimately though, becoming spiritually connected with our Creator provides the guidance we need to actually discover the root causes of whatever may ail us or our loved ones.   He can lead us to knowledge of how to avoid further toxic exposures, make good diet choices, and find effective natural remedies.  Following are some highly educated opinions and wise words to bring hope of healing and truly maximize both brain and body health!

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Drug Dangers

Physician Mission:  “As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition and other forms of natural medicine… Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Vaccines are highly dangerous, have never been adequately studied… and have a poor risk/reward ratio. Most surgery is unnecessary and most textbooks of medicine are inaccurate and deceptive….In short, our main stream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt….The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be.”  ~Dr. Allan Greenberg

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Skin, Race, and a Higher Place!

    America has been entangled in a very divisive movement based on one of the most superficial subjects of all time: skin color.   How many people actually understand that such an argument involves the mere quantity of melanin cells in a person’s body?  Furthermore, are they not aware that all people are biologically related – that there is essentially just one race called humanity – with 98% common DNA?  It is really that simple – yet some are willing to wreak havoc and utter destruction over a failure to grasp this most basic concept.  Whether it is whites vilifying blacks or black hatred of whites – God Almighty grieves that those created in His own glorious image seem continually at enmity with each other.

    Many of us are sincerely wondering what on earth drives this obsession with something otherwise totally superficial.  Ultimately, of course, the enemy of the human soul is the underlying culprit, deceiving people with his evil compulsions for pride and despicable deeds.  As a result, at the human level, there are greedy movement leaders who persuade those with wounded egos (of various skin tones) to pursue vengeance that is ultimately a never ending cycle of perceived paybacks.  The gospel of Christ – which some of these folks ironically profess to believe – teaches a completely opposite concept.  Even so, it is only those whose hearts have been softened to receive this Prince of Peace, who can even grasp the necessity of fulfilling the commands of the risen Lord.  Others typically cannot foresee the calamity that lies ahead when humans continue down the path of hate and animosity toward their own blood brothers and sisters.

    We, as a so-called civilized society, must learn to forgive the offenses of others – just as God is so willing to do for us.  Receiving the power of Jesus Christ into our lives can enable every soul to have the unconditional love to not only forgive, but to even pray for our enemies.   Then only, would we become intent upon seeking true harmony and strength as a community – bringing about lasting change in the attitudes and behaviors of people with different skin or other irrelevant factors.  We must all seek the higher place – living for the eternity upon which our hope rests through genuine faith in the Redeemer of every human.  There, we will continually thrive on His matchless love – where our colorless souls will forever dwell in perfect peace.  Until that glorious day, let us heed the wonderful expression of King David in Psalm 133:1,“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” !

Color Quote:  “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”   – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Why Revere Holistic Remedies?

Independence is certainly an important quality to acquire as a person matures into adulthood.  However, when it comes to feeling alone in a view on a particular issue, we don’t tend to feel so comfortable in our skin.  What a relief to discover even one other person who shares your view on a subject that is personally significant.  This is exactly the way many of us have felt in the past on the topic of holistic health.  How excited we have become to discover that gradually many others, even a number of physicians – are wisely joining our camp!

As epidemic numbers skyrocket for a great many previously rare disorders such as diabetes, Crohn’s, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, CFS, MS, lupus, and cancer – we are beginning to the long overdue conclusion that excessive medical interventions may actually be doing more harm than good. Shockingly, the USA is now number one in child mortality among the top thirty industrialized nations.  Human productivity is increasingly waning because of the declining health of western societies.  Common practices such as repetitive antibiotic prescriptions, multi-dose vaccinations, radiation procedures, dental amalgams, and chemotherapy can collectively become terribly debilitating to a body’s delicate immune balance.  Many of these combined treatments lead to both physical and mental dysfunctions which, short of divine intervention – require vastly complex holistic programs to treat.  Though these revelations are finally in part becoming exposed, we have yet to reach the point when the mainstream community no longer scoffs or ridicules our position.

Why indeed do some continue to vehemently resist the effectiveness of age old remedies – and the sheer truth of the adage “an ounce of prevention”?   The answer is nothing less than the proverbial ‘money trail’, which is a shamelessly prosperous path – especially in the United States.  This largely pharmaceutically based, allopathic healthcare profession is quite lucrative and extensive – employing large numbers of citizens who will unapologetically defend their livelihood tooth and nail.  Even so, the light is shining with increasing brightness in the tunnel of the not-too-distant future when cumulative grassroots funded research findings will become impossible to ignore. Our gracious and loving Creator is paving the way for us to restore the horribly diminished health of our families.  Consequently, given this beacon of hope, we must resolve to persevere and remain firm in our convictions – realizing full well how much our children’s future is at stake – and ultimately that of the entire civilized world.

Rather than becoming exasperated or anxious when others react with disbelief in our claims of natural preventions and healing methods – may we persevere in convincing them to examine our personal experiences – and beyond that, the increasing mountain of evidence which supports our assertions.  This undertaking is so crucial for any potential at all of turning the dangerous tide that is now the standard of modern medicine.   May those who possess these vital truths boldly proclaim this holistic health revolution – and swiftly recruit others to follow suit!

QUOTE to PROMOTE:  “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison


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A Healthy New Tune in June

As summer vacation time arrives, vast multitudes of aspiring beach combers will be desperately seeking magical weight loss plans.  Their misguided goals would ironically culminate with visions of indulgent party scenes – and thus a vicious cycle of much less than healthy lifestyles.  Though many of these naive souls are youthful – some of them have far exceeded their teen years – and could well benefit from extra lessons on adopting a more disciplined approach to ultimate fulfillment in this very fleeting existence.

Despite the stereotype depicted above, do any one of us fully understand the impact our choices bring in a world meticulously designed according to the principles of cause and effect? Christians are usually familiar with the important concept of ‘sowing and reaping’. Quite frankly, abiding by the instructions provided for us  in the Bible – and in a righteously governed society – will generally yield a successful life. This time-tested, trustworthy principle is especially applicable in how we nurture our physical, mental and spiritual health.

In all certainty, what we choose to put in our bodies determines not only our weight and appearance, but also our future health condition to a very significant extent. Becoming educated about wise diet options and avoidance of toxic substances can enable us to achieve all-around wellness. Eating good fats and complex carbohydrates – as well as eliminating exposure to hazardous chemicals and metals – will go a long way toward preserving the amazing bodies and minds the Creator intended us to have for over a century of service to Him in this world.

The most important health choice of all that we can endeavor – in this temporal existence of ours – is a decidedly spiritual one.  It involves the consistent and intentional practice of heartfelt prayer. Throughout the old and new testament Scriptures, the Jewish people and followers of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ, understood the power of seeking the eternal God’s intervention for provision and healing. Biblical examples are cited therein of how they praised the Lord’s goodness and sought His wise counsel for life decisions. How much more crucial must it be for us – in this increasingly complicated day and age – to consult His guidance for acquiring optimal health, for maximizing the potentials of ourselves and those around us?  What a great faith boost we experience, in marveling at testimonies of people on the brink of death, miraculously restored by the collective, fervent intercession of prayer warriors.

Unquestionably, there is no greater single act of our free will than connecting with the One who is not only sovereign over individual human concerns – but with mysteries lying far beyond all the intricacies of this diverse creation.  May we each fully determine to sing a healthy new tune – not only in the month of June – but far beyond.  Let it be a song that will joyfully harmonize with the melodies of the many souls in need of healing hope that we are bound to encounter along life’s narrow way into our eternal destiny.

 To Grow on:  “Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”        ~ William Shakespeare

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Why Hurry or Worry? Hit a Homer!

“Woe is me!” – an old fashioned saying, but one very often duplicated in modern lingo.  Nobody ever intends to strike out – whether in baseball, a job interview, or with personal relationships.  However, in this fallen world we all must eventually understand that some failures are inevitable.  Determining acceptance of them and applying the knowledge gleaned to prevent repetition of the same mistakes is the ultimate key to remaining sane along the frequently bumpy roads of life.  The alternative to following this basic advice could well be a recipe for further disaster – one that can all too soon spiral us continually downward into miry depression.  May this worst case scenario never ever come to pass for those who discover here that much hope abounds!

The majority of people are well aware that genuine concern about an important matter is quite different from needlessly obsessing over a situation that may be at least partly beyond our control.  Whether the unwanted outcomes are due to our choices, or those of others, we must – for the sake of our total health – deliberately forgive the errors and press on.  Otherwise, there are more than a few detrimental ways that such negativity can affect our lives.  We will explore some of these in the following segments – with a bold suggestion of a more ideal outlook for each rationale.

Worry is wrong.  Indulging in the habit of dwelling on past regrets, recent losses, or current decisions actually culminates in a perpetually disturbed mind.  Lingering in this mental state may often in turn negatively impact future circumstances.  Christians generally realize that scripture clearly labels these thought patterns as sinful.  This conclusion can be justifiably drawn because such preoccupation with hopelessness demonstrates a lack of faith in the One who is thoroughly sovereign over the entire universe.  We humans are blessed beyond measure, having been made in the very image of almighty God. Even beyond that – He has graciously promised to work all things together for the good of those who love and serve His Son, Jesus Christ.  If in believing this, we frequently reflect on how much He has already brought us through in life, our determination to persevere will always become greatly refueled.

Worry wastes time. Aside from recognizing that this mental strain is clearly displeasing to the Living God, we should also understand that it is always counter-productive.  Someone estimated once that at least 80% of what we worry will happen never does.  This means that a significant portion of our days could have been much better spent seeking wise counsel on how to move forward.  Praying for guidance from the omniscient (all knowing) God is the very best use of time – especially when there is a confusing crossroad.  He can lead us to the precise scripture or wise person to help confirm any important decision needing to be made.  Beyond this, we can confidently proceed while fully trusting that God knows what is best for our future – and will work out any ‘kinks’ that arise along the road.  All in all, this life is simply too fleeting for wasteful worry!

Worry wrecks health.  Choosing to dwell on pessimism can actually rob the body and mind.  Worriers many times find it difficult to sleep peacefully – often resulting in mood issues and even physical illness.  There is a temptation to overeat so-called ‘comfort’ foods, which further harm the health.  Some may even revert back to old destructive vices like drug usage.  Though perhaps legal, this is not the path for progress. These non-remedies may include insomnia meds – or even boosted caffeine intake for morning alertness after those frequent sleep-deprived nights.  Increased consumption of stimulants, pharmaceuticals, and especially depressive alcohol – only compound the detrimental effects of already difficult mental stress.   A prayerful, optimistic outlook – along with some naturally calming foods or supplements will prevent all of these unnecessary and often destructive diversions.

In closing, we all would likely agree that most people of this day and age have their share of on-going challenges – typically involving relations, health, jobs, or fiscal concerns.   Furthermore, when looking at the bigger picture of the world beyond our immediate sphere of influence, the status of humanity in general can seem even more harrowing.  We feel concern about what the distant future will hold for our children – especially when our nation repeatedly installs evil leaders.  Surely, each generation before us wondered about such issues as well.  Even so, those with strong faith in the Lord God persevered and allowed Him to work out the problems beyond their capability to solve.  If we, as believers in a “worry-free” eternity, will follow suit , our “home run” to heaven will be less hindered and become much more fruitful – maybe even with fewer ‘strikeouts’ along the way!

Quote of Quotes:  “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?… But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness… do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  – Matthew 6:25-34

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Remedies for Everlasting Relief

What a feeling of accomplishment to finish the time consumed task of sowing rows upon rows of seeds in the warm spring soil!   An experience greater still begins as tiny green sprouts seem to miraculously arise in the wondrous weeks to follow.  A short time later, we have the joyous privilege of viewing God’s handiwork in the harvesting of colorful vegetables, juicy fruits, and fragrant herbs or flowers.  How much more amazing it is to realize that this glorious living produce has the nutrients and healing properties to bring us vibrant health and fruitfulness in our very own lives.

Thankfully, more people are realizing that the perimeters of their food markets are the best aisles to shop for edibles closest to their originally designed forms.  Processed foods – even those promoted as healthful – tend to be acidic and damaging to our more alkaline preferring bodies. A selective natural dietary plan is God’s grand intention – and is so essential to optimal functioning of our physical and mental well being.

Many people are unaware of how much their eating habits impact how they think and feel.  A week-long trial of junk food elimination can go a long way toward convincing us otherwise.  Sometimes it takes a frightening diagnosis to compel a person into pursuing a healthier lifestyle.  Amazingly, when given the proper nutrition, our bodies have an incredible capacity to thoroughly heal.  Many allopathic physicians are now accepting this formerly scoffed upon method of medical treatment.  We must forgive their earlier ignorance and press on toward presenting the clear evidence of recovered ‘terminal’, or otherwise deemed irreversible health conditions.

Perhaps most significantly, when we realize how wonderfully made we truly are, it enables us to express more appreciation for the One to whom it is solely due – the LORD God Almighty!  Once we acknowledge His magnificence as the Creator, we are then propelled to more fully love and serve others.  Even if people are extremely hostile to us, or stubbornly resistant to our efforts to bless them, God can provide us with the capability to forgive and to heal those heartlessly inflicted wounds.  His supply of strength through any trial on earth is an everlastingly abundant garden of healing for our weary souls.  May we purpose to grow daily in that grace which brings ultimate relief that so thoroughly sustains us as we trust in His many provisions and perfect sovereignty.

 To Grow on:  “(God) will give you all the seed you need and make it grow so there will be a great harvest from your goodness.”  – 2 Corinthians 9:10

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Life’s Dilemma: Popular or Principled?

This basic inquiry has perhaps now become the most crucial question of our time.   Rather than operating from personal conviction, a large portion of people in society primarily form their life attitudes based upon current trends and opinion polls.  Should we assume that the majority must always be right on concepts that really matter?  If so, how then do unjust leaders become elected?  Why are the guilty so often acquitted of crimes?  Of course, it is more apparent than ever before that when a greater number people agree with a certain point of view, they have not necessarily drawn the right conclusion. The brilliant Christian author Max Lucado once wrote: “If the majority were always right, David the shepherd boy would not have killed the giant Goliath – because his older brothers would have voted that he stay back home tending the sheep.”

In this world’s increasingly wayward culture, it seems that there are actually a minority of moral thinkers and doers.  Those who practice God’s righteousness – from a prayerful relationship with Him – are truly few and far between.  There is a sad tendency to assume that if most seem to support a particular position, then so should all.  Whether the issue involves common behaviors like smoking, alcohol use, sexual freedom, early-term abortion, petty stealing, or even ‘white’ lies – all are risky business and eventually produce negative consequences.  Some yield obvious health detriment – while others that become habitual affect how people perceive us – and ultimately whether they will follow that poor example or the better model of living for God.  Careless choices will inevitably bring devastation not only in ourselves – but also to our human relationships, career ambitions, and most importantly – our spiritual journey.

We must wisely purpose to take a higher road and refuse to go along with the perceived majority – which in this modern age is eons from pure and noble.  True integrity involves application of Biblical principles such as relating to others as we want done to us – and valuing humanity as having been created in the very image of God Almighty.  The latter most basically includes how we manage our own bodies and souls in the day to day routine of our existence.  It means eating nutritiously and avoiding toxic substances – as well as feeding our minds with morally productive thoughts as we choose to view and hear only what is beneficial and significantly wholesome.

Time is fleeting and nonrefundable.  Let us be certain to invest in what is thoroughly profitable in this life.  May we refuse to march with the majority of thoughtless pursuers of what brings limited satisfaction – yet potentially long-term discomfort to us and others.  As we apply our hearts to the wisdom found in the Scriptures – our total well-being will thrive as we gain a brighter outlook for the arrival of springtime with its new promise of a hopeful tomorrow!

A Word in Season:  “Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation.” Ted Cruz, Texas Senator

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