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About Health Hope

The purpose of this venture is to inform, inspire, encourage and equip you as readers for optimal health maintenance and healing.  The title ‘Health Hopelight – Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit’ was chosen to reference the essential component of seeking daily hope and direction from none other than the CREATOR of all things – Elohim, Yahweh, El Shaddai (God Almighty), the Light of the World, Great I AM, the Author of Life,  Jesus Christ!   Once His Perfect cleansing LOVE and infinite knowledge has been received into our hearts and minds, we can be led into all necessary truth to conquer this world’s issues while becoming fully prepared for eternity. This comprehensive blog will clarify how to accomplish this – suggesting preventions and remedies for various obstacles we encounter – with ideas to promote ultimate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Over the course of this year’s published posts, you will find thoughtful monthly devotions – including a commentary, notable quote, topical page referrals and pertinent website links.  Suggestions will be presented for total health – including how our very personal God has miraculously transformed the lives of myself and countless others through the same techniques provided on this site. You will discover natural and spiritual ‘recipes’ to implement in bringing about the fulfillment that He desires to provide, so you may in turn bless many others.   It is my prayer that these pages will light your way to better health and a hopeful future. Please explore thoroughly and read prayerfully as you seek new self-improvement revelations!

BLOGGER BIO: Though my career experience has been primarily as an education professional – from various consults with osteopathic physicians, countless hours of research, and successful application with my family of seven – I have developed solid confidence to publish recommendations which have proven to be very effective. Through the years, as I have sought guidance from the Lord God for many remedies, my loved ones have seen drastic improvements – and often the complete elimination of the following: thyroid/adrenal issues, migraines, allergies, chronic congestion, menstrual complications, infertility/miscarriages, UTIs, heart arrhythmias, bowel irregularities, kidney/liver weakness, certain lumps/cysts, limb injuries, diet/weight concerns, insomnia, hyperactivity, attention deficits, anxiety, viral/bacterial/yeast infections, amino acid/mineral imbalances, metal toxicities, skin irritations, sensory issues, and various other dysfunctions. I truly believe there is a definite body, mind, and spirit connection that must be fully considered in order to promote the abundant life that God intends for us all. Holistically educating souls in need has become one of my greatest passions – and I am both humbled and blessed with this special opportunity to share such treasures with you. You are welcomed and encouraged to provide feedback with comments or questions regarding what concerns you most!

PLEASE NOTE: My recommendations for vitamin and mineral supplements are given generally. Doses will vary according to age, weight, and severity of symptoms. The following link will help you determine the upper limit levels of various types :

MIND OVER MATTER: (Creationist’s discovery!)


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